[Lectures on Speech Acoustics]: Slides by James Kirby

Lecture 1: [Overview]

Lecture 2: Principles of Speech Sound Classification

Lecture 3: Global phonetic diversity
Lecture 4: Phonotactics
Lecture 5: Phonemes and allophones
Lecture 6: Allophonic variation
Lecture 7: Features and natural classes
Lecture 8: Underlying representations
Lecture 9: Morphophonology, again
Lecture 10: [Analysis of speech waves]
Lecture 11: Complex waves and spectra
Lecture 12: Phonetic analysis of vowels
Lecture 13: Spectral features of vowels; spectrograms
Lecture 14: Spectral features of fricatives and stops
Lecture 15: Nasals, approximants, rhotics, and laterals
Lecture 16: [Fundamental Frequency]