Charles Ames

Computer-Music Systems

Automated Composition — My unpublished book
Eleven Demonstrations for solo clarinet
Installation in the U.S. Pavilion at Expo '85 in Tsukuba, Japan
Installation at Robots and Beyond: The Age of Intelligent Machines exhibition organized by Ray Kurzweil
Musical Calculator
Drivers and Transforms
Statistical Feedback
Intelligent Part Writer
Complementary Rhythm Generator
Digital Sound Synthesis
Score Framework

Welcome to my site, which explores the computer-music technologies I have been engaged with over the years. It is organized like a theme park, with most attractions featuring interactive applets. The applets typically implement graphical editors; these editors enable you to configure processes for the applets to execute. The applets are digitally signed (by “Charles Ames Software”) because they read and write their information to your local hard drive. Other than the path to your home directory, the applets do not collect any information about you or your computer.

This site is still under construction. It's just me working on it, so don't expect perfection. Testing is presently limited to two computer browsers: Firefox and Internet Explorer. This site makes critical use of Java applets. Since Safari and Google Chrome have dropped support for Java, there's no point in me catering to them. Java applets are likewise unsuitable for tablets and smart phones.

You can help me out by reporting bugs to the email address given below. Constructive suggestions, comments, and questions are also welcome. If you send me abuse I will probably post it.

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